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668 The Gig Shack, or as the locals call it simply “The Shack”, is among the preeminent downtown Montauk restaurants. The Global Surf Cuisine stays true to its Montauk roots

yet with a unique international twist. 


Owned and managed by the charismatic Gardell family, there is not a night on which you will not encounter Tracey, her husband, Lewis, or one of their three charming sons Arden, Skylar and Gray. Stop by, grab a Montauk Mocktail, listen to some live music over dinner or just
enjoy the great tunes while taking in the views of Main Street Montauk. 

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Gray is the youngest and STRONGEST of the three sons...and by strongest he means mentally, physically and magically. As a family, the Gardells are all crazy cat people. But oddly enough, no one else in the family realizes that their cats only like Gray, because not only is he the best cuddler, but he also willing to cut up the raw chicken that they love to eat so much. As a lover, Gray loves French Romanticism, and as a person, he is a huge believer in balance. Gray enjoys nature, although he can’t seem to find any time for it lately. But most importantly, Gray's dream growing up was not to be a chef, but to be the starting quarterback for the New York Jets. So, on that note….J – E – T – S  JETS JETS JETS! 


Guinness book of world records holder for the largest and most spectacular collection of crazy cat shirts. Dare he say more?! ....Seriously, dare him. You can catch Skylar behind the bar at 668 The Gig Shack where he would be happy to make you a Montauk
Mocktail or coffee drink!

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