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Welcome Summer 2016


This is Your Chef Gray Speaking!


We have job opportunities available and are looking for the best people for the right jobs.

Experience isn't needed, but passion is a must!


At the shack we are looking for people who want more out of work than just getting in their hours. The Shack is run by a small group of team players that not only understand the product and do their best to make our dream come true, but have fun and love the people they are working with!


Do you love cooking and want to take your skills to the next level? Or are you very experienced, and looking to find a place where cooking can be fun again? If so, e-mail me personally,


Do you want to wait or waitress at one of the most energetic restaurants in Montauk? One that’s mostly outdoors so you get to enjoy a little more of that summer! (Also need bussers, runners and expediters).


And lastly...

For the moneymaker of the shack, WE NEED BARTENDERS!  And bar backs...We are very picky here, and it's not the easiest group to get along with. Must be trustworthy and FUN AS ALL HELL If you get in contact with me, I'd be happy to send more info!


That's it! Musicians contact Arden! Housing may be available.


Love your best friend,

Gray Gardell-Gross

782 Main Street

Montauk, NY 11954


fax: 631.238.5483

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